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October 27, 2015

You may have noticed via social media that Paul now has an office in our garden. It’s quite a big investment and while we hope it will benefit Paul’s work, prevent distractions and be a fantastic creative space… None of those are the main reason for building it. 

The main reason is because we wanted to free up a bedroom. Some people have assumed this is so our girls can have separate rooms or so we have a spare room. It is neither of these. (And I’m not pregnant either!) 

For quite a while now we have wondered whether we could and should considering opening our home to someone else. We have always had a strong desire to be hospitable and those of you who know us we’ll know we both have a heart for the oppressed, disadvantaged and vulnerable. 

A while ago I attended a seminar at New Wine on fostering and adoption… I guess we must have been interested before that or I wouldn’t have gone to it… But it really set us thinking about if this is a route we should go down… And recently we decided we should explore this option further – and now are part way through the application process.

We believe this is one way we can outwork our belief, routed in our Christian Faith that we should love and value the least and last in our society… That we should meet the needs of those around us and that when we show hospitality to others it’s as if we were doing that to Christ himself. 

The charity Home for Good has a vision that if one family in every church, supported by the church community, was able to foster or adopt, it would be possible for there to be no children left in the care system. Obviously there are loads of great foster carers who aren’t Christians too… But actually if more of us as Christians put our money where our mouths are and with the support of our churches opened our homes, what a fabulous thing we could do.

(If you want know great ways to support us or other foster carers Home for Good have some really great pointers.)

I’m well aware that some of our friends will think we are completely mad… And maybe we are a bit we are a bit. But you know sometimes I think that doing what God is asking of us requires us to take leave of what might most make sense and step out and take a risk. Whatever strain or difficulty it brings (and I’m under no illusion about that) it seems to me it will bring a greater benefit to the young people we are able to share our lives with. And my hope and prayer is that our lives will be enriched by it too.


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