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Meeting some neighbours

April 5, 2013

I really wanted to meet some more of our neighbours and so I took some advice from Jenny Flanagan’s blog that I reposted a while back on meeting the neighbours, and decided we would have a housewarming, and hand deliver the invites!
Apologies to anyone reading this who thinks they should have an invite if we are having a housewarming… But we wanted to not overwhelm our neighbours with loads of friends and family. And we want to make sure that if they come, we have plenty of space to chat to them! We have invited a few other people though, mostly people from church who live on the estate, because we also didn’t want our neighbours to feel too exposed. Maybe we have over thought it!!)
Anyway we haven’t had the housewarming yet… And we don’t know if any of our neighbours will actually show up. But the process of inviting them has been great in itself!
I would never really of thought of inviting people in person; I’m not naturally good at just going to talk to strangers, and it’s not really the way we do things usually is it? We set up a Facebook event, or send out an email.
But it was good. I chatted a bit to some neighbours I have met before. And I met some new ones.
Interestingly most people I spoke to said something along the lines of ‘people don’t chat to each other round here’, and told me that they don’t interact with any other neighbours. But that hasn’t mostly been our experience. Every neighbour I have met at their door has invited me in for a chat, and I’ve been able to get to know them a bit. They’ve been positively friendly in fact! I could be cynical and say it’s just because I surprised them on the doorstep… But instead I’m going to try and use it as a stepping stone to be more neighbourly.
And I really enjoyed the discussion about politics with the guy across the road, we had a lot in common!

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  1. Brilliant! 🙂

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